Tryout Information

**UPDATED** 2020 Bonivital AAA and AA Tryouts – as of June 5, 2020

Tryout Dates:  June 20 & 21, 2020

Location:  Southdale Community Centre Baseball Fields
– We will be utilizing all 4 baseball fields, batting cages and the parking lot for the tryout drills

Tryout schedule:

• Sat June 20 at 8 AM to 12 pm – U18 AAA & AA combined
• Sat June 20 at 1:15 PM to 5:15 PM – U15 AAA & AA combined
• Sun June 21 at 8 AM to 12 PM – U11 AA
• Sun June 21 at 1:15 PM to 5:15 PM – U13 AAA & AA combined

Tryout fees:

• $40 for all players
• Due to social distancing requirements, we strongly recommend paying the fee by e-transfers which can be sent to E-transfers message must include PLAYER NAME, AGE & LEVEL (AA/AAA) trying out for.
• For those of you that have already paid your tryout fees, a refund for the difference will be sent.


• Arrive 30 minutes prior to your tryout to check in and prepare (see social distancing requirements below)
• Players arriving for the 1:15 PM slot, please do not arrive sooner than 30 minutes prior (no sooner than 12:45) to allow for the prior group to leave
• Please bring all equipment you will require including a water bottle. Sharing of any equipment is prohibited
• Players finishing their tryout must leave the area immediately so the next round of players can arrive safely
• Please bring proof of baseball registration at your home community centre
• Payment – E-transfer as noted above.
• Participants will be provided a T-shirt upon registration.


Covid-19 Safety Requirements:

Arrival / Drop Off/Pick Up

• Players arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before check in.
• Parking lot entrance limited to north entrance closest to school. Stay left (in queue if required) along red curbs.
• One vehicle attends to ‘drop zone’ near batting cages (south-west corner of front parking lot).
• One player and parent if needed may enter check in area at a time. If a parent must accompany a player through screening, they cannot stay parked in the ‘drop zone’ and must move to a parking spot before attending registration.
• Exit via south entrance near diamonds.
• Parents, please coordinate pick up as the Southdale entrance may be used for the first 30 minutes but if you are in the early group, a second group will be arriving at 12:45 PM


• Parents and/or spectators will not be allowed in the tryout area which includes the entire baseball field area, bleacher seats, fence line and the parking lot
• All social distancing requirements will apply to the parents

Social Distancing during tryout

• Players will be placed into small groups that will rotate around the 6-7 tryout stations set up around the large complex
• Hand sanitizer will be available for all players before, during and after the tryout
• No spitting, gum, sunflower seeds will be allowed.
• No player will be allowed use their mouth for moisture during the tryout
• Equipment will be sanitized between groups during tryouts
• No sharing of equipment
• Players are not allowed to touch or use other player’s equipment
• Bonivital facilitators, evaluators, coaches, and volunteers will be on hand to ensure all rules are followed and enforced.