Policies & Forms

BVMBA Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct (2019)

BVMBA Coach Code of Conduct (2019)

BVMBA Player Code of Conduct (2019)

BVMBA Complaint & Discipline Policy (2019)

BVMBA Player Transfer Policy (2021)

BVMBA Fundraising Disbursement Policy (2019)

BVMBA Tournament Fee Policy (2019)

BVMBA NSF Fee Policy (2019)

Respect in SportBaseball Manitoba requires that all coaches participating in baseball have completed the online Respect in Sport as required by Sport Manitoba.

Criminal Record Checks – AA and AAA coaches are required to have a criminal record check completed.  There is no cost to prospective coaches when submitted by the Bonvital Baseball Association.

Bonivital Baseball is aligned with the policies of Baseball Manitoba, they can be viewed here.

Bonivital Constitution