About Bonivital Baseball

The 2017 season of baseball has come and gone and it’s time to bask in our successes and work on our challenges. As the new President of the Bonivital Baseball Association I will endeavor to enhance the players experience, field competitive teams, work on developing and publishing written policies and continue the great work that all the Bonivital Baseball volunteers do!  

Goals cannot be accomplished alone, and require the hard work, dedication and continued support from the Bonivital Board, Community Centre Convenors, and volunteers in the communities Bonivital Baseball serves. These volunteers put in hundreds of hours of their time to make everything run smoothly. To the Executive of the Bonivital Baseball Association, to the Community Club Convenors, to the coaches and to the parents who volunteer their time, energy, enthusiasm and skill, my deepest gratitude! Change is inevitable, but growth is intentional. I look forward to working with you all to implement changes that help us to evolve and improve as an organization. We will learn, adapt and grow together as a team.  

In parting, I look forward to yet another incredible year in Bonivital baseball and to the success of each player, coach, teams and volunteers at every level!


John McLennan

President Bonivital Baseball